another challenge poem

not about …(voiced)

this poem is not about painting glass,
a slide of ghostlines focus into silhouette
bird captured in bright colour swirl

“this is going nowhere,” she thinks
an echo of a someone else, transparent

maybe her

before another coughs and says
“you’re painting in fresh blood?”

maybe hers

so here they are, those shadow voices
at the door with starling confirmation
of a cut lawn, fuschia dripping

luscious pink on sunburst daisy chains
knowing that a link has burned, up and out;
this poem is not about how freedom works.


The Wild Challenge (in brief):
Write a poem using the techniques of reversal and denial. Begin your poem with the words “This poem is not about . . . then go on to write the poem. Occasionally come back to the statement: “This poem is not about . . .”

the always

the always ^^ podcast by Shell

recorded for Cendrine, if she returns … i think she’ll like this …

i send you
than angels
to embrace
you, love, as you
cry and reach for me
in dreams

i give you
the always
that i promise
time and time again

in my palm a small ocean
is now home to tiny
silver dolphins
that dance your
of love upon
my cheek

and i am
the songs they sing
of you