nothings #9

For a while I was an angel’s confidante. It took time for me to undress names like angel-slut. Peel truth from jealous lie. Choose the side I winged for. I did it though it was forespoken. Like the end.

Now and everynow, I come to you, beloved. I wear nothing.

Now and everynow. I bare only you.

icarese …

Behind a screen, ultraviolet
penetrated only pale exposure,

could not reach her world beyond
dark glass where destruction
retained meaning
and secrets did not spider
across wall or ceiling.
Still, she would not talk of them,

how their brush-tip regularity
repelled sleep, made waking cruel.

Days crawled, rest-less, marked
only by feint sun-blind myths
less brutal than real life.
Beyond shivers no-one penetrated
hers, where love retains shy meaning.
Still, she cannot speak of this.