law wrenchian

everything’s been paid
that last invoice suspended …

blame the gintrap in your mind if you like
or the way that others stick between
eye-will and teeth on icy edge

some people were not suited for the moonlight
while you, that you, are dangerous all the time


Feral dreams blur moon at last;
zero, clinging to her dark
will say nothing now about these
hours, grinding slowly and
ungiven in the slide of gravity.

Night rattles dry-leaf bones and
foxes pick at unread love
songs tumbled in among cold
cuts, half-smoked cigarettes
and over cooked spaghetti.

“oh really and what now
………………… she-writhes


tonight i will             get very red
 spill your name                   like wine
on scented oil           moon-soaked
fingertips outline                  where
this time soon           another
 we’ll be dreaming              life
                                    is shining

the always

the always ^^ podcast by Shell

recorded for Cendrine, if she returns … i think she’ll like this …

i send you
than angels
to embrace
you, love, as you
cry and reach for me
in dreams

i give you
the always
that i promise
time and time again

in my palm a small ocean
is now home to tiny
silver dolphins
that dance your
of love upon
my cheek

and i am
the songs they sing
of you

nothings #9

For a while I was an angel’s confidante. It took time for me to undress names like angel-slut. Peel truth from jealous lie. Choose the side I winged for. I did it though it was forespoken. Like the end.

Now and everynow, I come to you, beloved. I wear nothing.

Now and everynow. I bare only you.

icarese …

Behind a screen, ultraviolet
penetrated only pale exposure,

could not reach her world beyond
dark glass where destruction
retained meaning
and secrets did not spider
across wall or ceiling.
Still, she would not talk of them,

how their brush-tip regularity
repelled sleep, made waking cruel.

Days crawled, rest-less, marked
only by feint sun-blind myths
less brutal than real life.
Beyond shivers no-one penetrated
hers, where love retains shy meaning.
Still, she cannot speak of this.