in difference


Your touch doesn’t drive me reckless-crazy,
I don’t hear stars pound in your veins
but sometimes you’re a perfect shallow
anchoring my complex depth.
Calm when I am all wild moon and moor
screaming for the lost who spin and cry
like wind-chimes clashing in mad chaos,
you are measured, careful with my breath.

2 thoughts on “in difference

  1. JuleAnn says:

    WOW–I usually choose a fave line or two, to point out; but shoot, every word is perfection.

    • forgetmenow says:

      Thank you! Sorry for the delay in approving your most welcome comment. Been working (many) extra shifts, you know how it goes *ergh!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this, really. Such a buzz when something impacts on someone who writes like you do! Your blog is awesome!

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