summer song


Easy to attract kind-less control, swallow it
for healing later. He asks if I could drop
the poetry, emotion, joy and soul
that compel me to drive storms, make
love in stars and smile at random
black holes trying to be bright. Lighten up,

I reply through clouds and fuzzy dreams.
My beat’s a crazy crow in a quantum heart;
I absorb sunlight intravenously, dance
in the car park to a rhythm that defies you
every time. By the way, that’s my flame
melting your achilles’ grip to ironic dust.



voiced :


2 thoughts on “summer song

  1. Kristine Jessup says:

    as if poetry could be dropped…poetry is weaved into your very essence my friend…that flame at the end lights a wicked smile in my soul…
    ~ la lunatique

    • forgetmenow says:

      I so love you, dear friend … wicked smiles are sooooo good, hey?

      I’ve recorded this somewhere somehow but can i find it to upload? ha! Will try again when I have patience lol xxx

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