Waiting for a word from you – city tyres spin,
tread shining magic into rainy roads.
Sensing a storm horses scream on the moor,
churn dark earth toward clouds, gathering
freedom can get furious.

I want to love you – but it seems cannot –
when the smoke clears, will you still be here?

*yes, linked to previous poem ..

4 thoughts on “quest-ion

  1. Greg Jacoby says:

    benediction says hi 🙂 ❤ very beautiful

    • forgetmenow says:

      hey Greg! what a lovely surprise to see you here!

      thank you!

      grrr … because i don’t know how to make smiley faces … am grateful if the PC fires up these days lol


  2. Kristine Jessup says:

    gathering freedom can get furious indeed. there is so much suspended tension here, just incredible
    ~la lunatique

    • forgetmenow says:

      i’m glad you like this … sorry,darling one, am a bit sideswiped with time apparently .. and emotion .. for sure … where are you if not on WP? I don’t have Facebook … don’t want to really …

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