swan song


photo: Lars van de Goor

At night a heavy rush of wings
over the deep lake disturbs everything.

I long to touch you but cannot
temper my approach, a complex desire,

crazy to break through
your glossy surface, blurred with gravity.

11 thoughts on “swan song

  1. Kristine Jessup says:

    this is love, alive and breathing love. I felt it wash flicker my skin and break from underneath. “blurred gravity” I am at a loss for words but I saw it. you make me see, genius you
    ~ la lunatique

  2. I loved it. “Blurred with gravity”, this is one of those phrases that resonates with me. It may mean different things to different readers, but most who read it I believe will take a moment to ponder it as I have.
    Sorry I have been away so long.

    • forgetmenow says:

      I love that we can be in our own worlds and then synchronicity draws us together again. Sooo good to hear from you! I have been thinking of you lately, hoping you are well and happy with your beloved.

      I’m glad you liked “blurred with gravity” … i was so going to change it to “thick with gravity” but didn’t … the sound seemed right as is …

      Anyway, is it ok to just whoop and cheer that we both still share the planet and occasionally a bit of company? x

  3. Ebby says:

    Without the photo this is love, a mirror and a ruffle of dreams. With the photo I’m somewhere else, a lake-edge at dusk. I like it.

    • forgetmenow says:

      ohhh i am so happy to see you!

      As always and gently, you sense and see every path i try to describe .. yes to this being about love but of course it’s about the inner world too … my everlong quest to understand the aching essence of being alone yet in union with another at the same time … who feels alone and yada yada …

      Muse kinda left me but i think she’s nudging me again and i didn’t think anyone would be around to give me feedback … but here you are …. i thank you, Ebby! x

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