sweet nothings

On deck the man is cradling a large fish for the camera; its silver skin flows lightly over heavy hands. He talks about the fish, admires form and muscled ocean-art. The fish is calm, moves like it’s breathing. He extends one curving gill, careful with the structure raised now like a wing about to catch the wind. Arced like a wave about to fall. The fish is breathing, drowning gracefully.

There is no space for me in yours. Not really, not even in imagination’s optimistic scanning of the broken clutter. Headless gothic lamps support two dolls and pictures of your love, lost in suicide. Your morphine tablets lie, scattered seed at her goddess feet. Her dainty feet, bare and fading, behind dusty glass. She stands alone for the camera. Her gaze is always to the right of you, no matter where you stand. No matter where I stand. No contact with the past,  just the constant thought of it. You talk about her carefully. Admire her nature, note how her essence shone when you took away the colours that she loved to wear. She never needed them to be beautiful, you crow. I am flowing from your hands, trying to remember why I will not meet your eye, why I hold my breath when it seems that you might speak.

4 thoughts on “sweet nothings

  1. I loved these…this…all one of you, yet parts of same. A wind about to catch wind. This is how I feel. On the brink of life or death. I am not sure. Why am I so sad that he took away her colors. She did need them, you know. Well…we all knew it on some level. If only she would have said.

    • Shell says:

      don’t make me cry, Annie … yes, we all knew it and yes, why would she never say?

      unless tyrannised …

      choose life, Annie … choose choose choose .. and say

      “i got away”


      • M.A.A. from Unity 777 says:

        Dear Shell,

        i thank you for having showed me this, your very website.
        It is very beautiful and i am sure can help a lot of dear souls to overcome some pain of the life.
        Life is beautiful.
        Thank you for having stayed alive and true and having opened up your innerst experience of heart to share it with us.

        Blessed you be,
        love and beauty for your way

        all yours ^_^


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