reach …


I am trying to climb, trying to heave soil,
hands – curled like cups –
ache and sting below birdsong, among roots.

Crows wait up-there, patient sentinels at ease
with accidental chaos;
the car is inside out, one wheel spinning air.

Sparrows calm down-here in the muddy ditch,
their flighty pitch a somewhere
I might reach, a chattering of  hedgerow

life that might mean nothing, tiny pointers
whirling giddy sound.


written by way of an image challenge from Magpie Tales


the last two lines aren’t right but i’ve lost the plot so they’ll have to wait for now *lol

6 thoughts on “reach …

  1. La Lunatique says:

    Every time I read this I find myself getting very still……..listening. It is so very heavy and light in the same moment…….like a pause between breaths…

    • Shell says:

      thank you, dear soul … yes, the frantic activity is actually about being .. still … i get tangled up in opposites and metaphysics … i am so happy that you like the rhythm – which is what i write to …


  2. Patent Attorney says:

    I like this poem a lot – your imagery, like hands curled like cups, is spot on. What do you think you would change about those last two lines?

    • Shell says:

      welcome, PA – i’m glad you enjoyed this! i’ve altered the last lines but i think it seems to just fizzle out superficially without a killer ending, y’know? but then that’s actually very close to how i feel atm so i can hardly expect the poem to reflect anything else, eh? lol …

  3. patient sentinels at ease
    with accidental chaos;

    This is God to me. Our free will wanders. And what of it? Somehow in the end, it all works towards some sort of inevitable end. I am the only one that seems to be stressing out about it. Arrrgh. Could I just NOT be me for a day?

    • Shell says:

      I know that feeling of wishing to not be me some days too lol .. but the thing is, no-one else could ever be ‘you” “me” or whatever … we’re all deeply metaphysical possibilities and sometimes it just feels awful and too much …

      maybe we change our selves and thought before we can change the world?

      chin up, gal! *hugs

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