Are there more of you and me, pissed-up
in a few dimensions, wondering if this
thunder strums each sky the same as now?
Whatever, I am not about to lighten up.

Later you will kill for dinner and I’ll watch,
awed that life can boil so fiercely –
pray those crayfish reappear
in a world that you can’t stake or drown.

Let’s forget about the ring you found for me
while you teased another girl
in the cemetery – she’d have liked to die
but you had no urge for idle merriment.

We won’t talk about that I don’t like it
moment – words set in
obsidian against silver  – turning.



My thanks and apologies to everyone who commented on the drivel that I posted late last night. I had to send it into trash. This is a re-write. Possibly just as bad but maybe not as embarrassingly so lol …

5 thoughts on “grave-goods

  1. La Lunatique says:

    I’ve returned to school on top of work as well as carrying the worry of family illnesses. My muse runs off when things get hectic, I don’t blame her though, I’d run off if I could, haha!

    Yes that is my greatest hope to be better versions of ourselves every time, perfectly stated

    I’ve missed you too!!! I still can’t figure why I let the beauty go when I get overwhelmed, it certainly is when I need it most…maybe the next version of me won’t be so careless 🙂

  2. Shell says:

    i’m sorry that i had to lose earlier comments when i sent the original of this to trash

    i’m also sorry that some quite nice comments and feed-backs have to stay unseen, identified as spam – i’m not going to over-ride that – but wish people would sort themselves out as genuine readers … *sigh

  3. La Lunatique says:

    yes, yes never lighten up! I’m in love with “wondering if this thunder strums each sky as now?” in these extra dimensions you’ve conjured. I’ve been away far too long and I have certainly missed your beautiful words.

    • Shell says:

      omg – sooo good to see you Lunatique! Where ya been? hmmm?

      I’m glad you liked this .. way better than its first incarnation – but then that’s what we hope for isn’t it? To be better versions of ourselves every time? lol

      i’ve sooo missed you! *hugs

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