un-titled 2

That comment on my shy undress
was merely observation;
much like the way you study ants,
find them cute, an acceptable diversion
since Olympia’s out – on the lash again.

Still, I felt like shit when you deigned
to view me once – I did not stain
sole’s level or your world, so full of it.

5 thoughts on “un-titled 2

  1. punatik says:

    Hi Shell, your writing has always created images in my mind. This piece seemed to manifest an emotion. After reading this one, I felt an overwhelming sense of bittersweet.

  2. Hmmmm. Not sure about the background here, but I have words to say about states of vunerability. For me, naked under the gaze of another is about as vulnerable as I’m going to feel. Any observation, however kind, is unnerving because I don’t believe it. But it sure as hell better not be the studious observation of an entomologist looking at the remains of what was crushed under shoe.

    • Shell says:

      i’ve no idea what’s going on with my email-wordpress connection – they seem to have fallen out with each other – so sorry Annie!

      i thought maybe this poem was an utter failure … maybe it is, poetically, i don’t know any more …

      and about that hmmmm … yes to all of what you said .. yeah, really … it was all true but i’m finally done with accepting every whatever that presents as Love .. when it means i have to ditch everything about myself in order to accept everything about another self .. that sounds selfish, maybe it is but not in a bad way … ?

      this was a karmic thing … i messed up Time, met someone whose energy i knew and loved … but it wasn’t supposed to happen in this life … don’t know if that makes any sense in such a skeletal outline .. i will always love his soul but the rest is unworkable

      thank you for reading this my friend …

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