third eye

Tern circles – airy arrogance – leaves
me spiked on its final shriek
wondering how to dress a sudden vortex
whirling at my brow.

You won’t notice that the sky has fallen
and I’m wearing a bandana.
You’ll retreat as always – flight
is all that we agree on.

Day’s imprinted – bad news coffee
out of taste and time,
I growl with reckless intuition
skirling into cloud.

2 thoughts on “third eye

  1. I used to marvel at my youngest son. He was the only one who noticed if I had my hair cut, or bought new shoes. I got tired of being invisible. So I just love that question (and for me it starts here…) “surely you won’t notice that the sky has fallen in and now i’m wearing a bandana?”

    I think before the whirling vortex I became this year, my husband and I were not engaged in battle. You’d think it’s better…the not partaking in. Such a lie. Sadly, the retreat is so much worse. I told my youngest once, “I’d rather be in the eye of your storm than picking up debris afterwards.” I think my husband is now in this place.

    Great and relatable poem for me Shell!!!

    • Shell says:

      hi Anne! so sorry for the delay – have been falling down exhausted from work this last couple of weeks so haven’t been online much – what an awesome touching response to this poem, thank you! i also wanted to check with you if you wanted this deeply personal response made public too …

      yeah, that whirling vortex thing – the other side of apparent invisibility – *sigh – seems like there’s only polarisation in relationships these days – what happened to passionate harmony – or maybe you and i just have a different path to journey … ah well, *swoosh!

      if i had the energy i’d re-work this piece – not sure it really hangs together well with the seagull and red bandana *grin … but *bleh …

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