inside her (iii)

birds pick at devastated bones 
     the crossroad's loud with life's undoing

splinters fly and fall 
     where blood soaks earth like afterbirth

crow caws a rise few recognise
     the brutal nightmare's barely started

in the wake of violent heroics
     she is the fertile raw of stars and fury

2 thoughts on “inside her (iii)

  1. noxalio says:

    oh Shell, i love the series you’re on to … somehow feels like going though a shredder and hopeing to still come out intact at the other end … (maybe it’s my reading of them … but …) …

    crow caws a rise few recognise … yes, a VERY familiar notion, eh? … *sigh* …

    sorry for the radio silence on my part … i’ve been a bit stretched and knotted … yet, i hope you’ve been well, my dearest friend … xx

    • Shell says:

      oh my dear Noxy … you so said and felt it right … as always … yes, thro the shredder, fingers crossed before the blades descend .. am kind of hoping this series is something many will relate to … gender immaterial in truth … and you’re the proof!

      thank you beautiful friend .. wish i could give you more to hold on to, i know you’re in a cosmic knot *sigh xx

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