inside her (ii)

full moon woman - artist unknown

every sense devoured, released and distant
now, her colours wash in moonlight

jasmine scents the way around her garden
while the city haunts, desperate
for another round of take-away bravado

in the sleek of night it seems
she might be silvered smoke – rising


4 thoughts on “inside her (ii)

  1. Wine & Words says:

    I love the “word” of silence at the end. It feels that reverent that one should be required. A beautiful piece and a photo filled with freedom.

    • Shell says:

      i’m so happy you enjoyed this, Annie!

      that single word seems to do its job then – good, wasn’t sure if it would work but you absolutely got it …

  2. La Lunatique says:

    I am swooning at the possibility of silvered smoke…this is pure the absolute essence of poetry…love love love!

    • Shell says:

      oh my darling Lunatique – i’m happy that you’re swirling in the smoke …

      there will be more to this but suspect a sharper edge in the wait … weight …
      i’m at muse-mercy on this one and we know what she’s like …

      thank you, lovely soul … x

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