inside her (i)

starlight spools, unwinds from a dark wild core
barely charted in the haste to leave-be

“i can’t see the stars,” she said
in the bleach of sudden yard-light

insecure yet keen of step and sigh
no-matter’s an invisibility that haunts;

scanning atoms for their precious leaves,
every one’s so complicated

“find here,” she says

6 thoughts on “inside her (i)

  1. La Lunatique says:

    I love the unwinding starlight spools…there is a beautiful dance occuring here, some powerful soul swaying.

    My neurons do the same, oh yes I understand, wait, what…and the void, too funny!

  2. noxalio says:

    oh, Shell … what can i say? … as always, beautiful … not a thing misplaced …

    yes, yes, every atom, as every soul, is so complicated … & barely charted … maybe as it should be …

    i’m glad to “see” you’re writing … do the series, really … i can’t wait!!

    • Shell says:

      ohhh dear noxy, thank you for your delicious encouragement … *grin

      i wondered if atoms should be photons? but maybe they’ll appear in the next … i’m not very scientific really, you should see my neurons when i try to read about quantum stuff .. it’s like, yes, yes we get it … what?? where’d it go, that getting it .. oh look, a void! lol

      anyway, i’m elated that you liked this, was worried it was overly abstractified …

  3. Wine & Words says:

    “unsure yet keen of step and sigh…”
    Is there a sound as loud as our own falter or the soul’s own moaning? I sprain my ankles and scratch my throat, though knowing I read this inside out.

    • Shell says:

      what a beautiful response, Annie! i think this may be too abstract and have tweaked it a bit … as often happens this went somewhere of its own volition, got me by surprise and i haven’t sorted out its logistical problems yet lol…

      have a “her inside” series fluttering in mind which may or may not happen
      so yes, inside out is exactly “it”

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