all i need to know …

the closed door

You shut the door with a click not a slam
nor a hesitant half-close
like an eyelid flickering in dream,
recognising time to wake but craving

seconds before opening to pearly distance.
Yes, it was definitive, that click : off and out

13 thoughts on “all i need to know …

  1. La Lunatique says:

    I just love the flickering eyelids, nicely done….and that click, so simple, so devastating, so perfect!

  2. Jingle says:

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    Come on, make poetic friends, and get encouragements you deserve!
    Thanks for reading!
    Your poetry rocks!

    • Shell says:

      i’m thrilled see a host of others’ writing that i’m going to enjoy exploring and i’m honoured by your offer …
      unlikely that i’ll make it for an entry to this week’s rally but you’ve made me smile, thank you!

  3. Jingle says:

    love your taste on imagery and words.
    perfect poem.

    • Shell says:

      hi Jingle – i’m happy to see you here and just as happy that you think this poem’s worthy of comment – weird how it goes, eh? when i think my effort’s rubbish is when it seems to appeal most to others … lol

  4. noxalio says:

    illustrates the power of negative space (in more ways than one) … *sigh* …

    • Shell says:

      my dear friend, noxy … so very spot on as always … tho hopefully the Light process of reformulating words helps clean out or at least balance the negativity …. that’s how i see it … though i detest having caused you to sigh like that … actually that’s possibly worse than any of the rest …

  5. Wine & Words says:

    I tell everyone I’m not competitive, but…shhhhhh….it’s my little secret….I like to be first 🙂

    Oh, and it had merit. Sure did with me.

  6. Wine & Words says:

    Ouch. Though presumedly not literal, I felt the walls shake with the latch. Definitive is the loudest word, yes? And no space, for echo.

    • Shell says:

      wow, that was fast Annie lol

      yes, you got it .. no space for echo … only the door is non-literal but i still heard the click, darn it!

      thanks for reading this *ouch … it has minimal poetic merit but i needed to splatter the moment *grin

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