midnight’s gone

you bleed into the finest coffee,
gulp a manic blush to
bitter’s end, tell me to hush, gently
ask, “where’s the nearest bar
that might accommodate
a breakdown of communication?”
i thought to tell you that it’s deep
with me, somewhere else,
but you’re the one who’s drowning

inspired by Noxalio's poem "there's plenty of coffee there"

4 thoughts on “midnight’s gone

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I’m here through Nox. It’s good to meet you and your poem here. The words and the accompanying image are haunting.

  2. noxalio says:

    Shell, this made my day (in more ways than i can tell you) … and the painting? well … sublime …

    blush and hush what a great pair of words / sounds, no?

    love it!

    • Shell says:

      i’m sooo relieved you liked, nay loved! this, dear friend!

      waited to see if you did or didn’t before naming you as the inspiration but knew you’d like blush/hush

      me too *heh

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