dream’s catch

the circle tips and we slip,
beads of the same thread
colliding sideways;
on the edge but touching now
we spin over it,
dream of being
shiny stones in a pond

or feathers cast adrift in rain,
a scattered whirl in flight
making circles of our own,
spinning wilder dreams
to find us;
time’s compulsion nullified

4 thoughts on “dream’s catch

  1. La Lunatique says:

    This brought a smile to my face & tears to my eyes in equal measure. It moved me in a way I can’t quite understand. I think would like very much to live inside of this circle.

    • Shell says:

      ohhh Lunatique … your response really touched me … yes, let’s step inside a self-made magic circle rather than be shuffled round, not quite in – or even out – of anywhere but the given track … *sigh

  2. Wine & Words says:

    Beautifully said. I like this notion of all of us adrift, and through destiny’s wind, bumping up against one another…once, twice, maybe we stick for good. But it’s so peaceful beyond compulsion.

    • Shell says:

      i was messing with the idea of stones making water move around them, being in control – or feathers, controlled by wind, yes, but maybe choosing how they roll with it … who paints the circle? kind of thing

      of course in truth it’s a balance of energies and forces,
      relationships of any kind or matter are …

      but mostly i was playing with a regular rhythm/stress pattern … 4 3 2

      anyhow, i’m glad you enjoyed this whimsical abstraction Annie!

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