now the night is awesomely indifferent,
a voyeur star-ing down, unsisterly,
thought slips on edgy gravel underfoot,

dice rolling echoes into silence;
it’s time to spin like dust …

escape in the rise of alien birdsong,
shiver through each tonal beauty
beside yours, so painfully untouchable

australian dawn chorus not essential listening, not a soundtrack either, just a by the way

8 thoughts on “venus

  1. shadow says:

    this is a night i know. couldn’t have said it as prolific as this, though. nice!!!! and thanks for your visit my side, i appreciate it.

  2. noxalio says:

    Shell, always with a whisper-light touch (“it’s time to spin like dust”) … lovely.

    a soft and tortured piece. (apparent) powerlessness in the face of awesome distance … hmm … though a familiar sentiment, only in your hands, it hovers and drifts … like vapor.

    (how was the wine on Friday eve? ha ha … lucky you, i worked late – blech!)

    • Shell says:

      *heh … the wine was very *hic and delicious … you were working late? oh noooo!

      you got the essence of this for sure, you always do and i so like that … i have some of those alien birdsongs referred to but think i need to pay to add them? *humph

      anyway, as always you’re spot-on with the knowing what i’m saying ..
      or vaporising … and beautifully kind in your response ..
      made me blush a bit actually

      thank you, dear noxy …

      update – *doh – forgot about podbean sound … added, though it may be a distraction from the poem … as in, i might remove it lol

  3. twitches says:

    I like “star-ing down” and “the rise of alien birdsong”

    • Shell says:

      oh wow, i didn’t expect your visit – i’m glad you liked something of what you found lol … oddly enough the alien birdsong line is the one i was most unsure of … but it felt right …

      your writing’s wonderful – am going to insinuate myself a little before commenting but i’ll be there!

  4. Wine & Words says:

    I’ve been obsessed with the moon these past few days. Winter sky breaks enough that I have been able to see his fullness, feel his gaze…to shiver through it, as something I should not draw with the act of my looking.

    Beautiful poem.

    • Shell says:

      ohhh me too, about the moon! and yes too about the almost shy, shouldn’t look feeling … but we should, we are invited .. the rest is scary, exciting, unknown but it pulses deep … anyway, i’m glad you enjoyed this weirdness o’mine .. thank you, dear soul


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