she’ll tip a dark stiletto to your lip
guide her wave to yours
curl martini hips like a smile
pressed into action for the time
of moon or year or simple pleasure

in the act of love – so cool
in showtime’s final blow – to kiss

image: nathan rohlander

4 thoughts on “encore

  1. shadow says:

    perfectly sensual…

  2. noxalio says:

    i love the contraction and tension in this. to be read one of several ways– as expertly designed … ah, language on a page; what a wonderful thing it is, no?

    • Shell says:

      yayyyy .. i’m glad you liked this, dear Noxy – the tension and multi-version is exactly what i hoped would emerge and yeah, i was having fun with the sounds *heh

      not deeply profound, just sparked by my continued weird mood alongside the phrase that isn’t its title anymore since i changed to “she” from the “i” it was originally … maybe shades of how i used to be at my most shallow, when i was trying to reach somewhere deeper *sigh … doesn’t work like that *heh

      yeah, a bit edgy all round lol ..
      does that make it hexagonally lighthearted?

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