written for rhythm

memories bounced then slid on wine
heading for the screendoor.
unfamiliar with the layout
of my moonish mind
they twisted, drowned exquisitely.

ethanol laments

abandonment; who cries about
the violin you smashed?
you’re a ghost on my doorstep
marking time, unstrung.
one bad patch in the afternoon
after summer’s chase.


what i actually posted in the challenge noted in last post …

the ten words?
patch memories violin doorstep laments afternoon bounced chase screendoor cries

4 thoughts on “written for rhythm

  1. Ebby says:

    I’m loving your idea of posting your inspiration as well as your final piece.
    I often go back to decades old material for inspiration for a new piece, perhaps I should post old and new together, what do you think?
    I love the sound of ‘one bad patch’ as the plosives and assonant sounds mix so deliciously together.
    Keep posting.

    • Shell says:

      Ebby! how wonderful of you to revisit this …

      yeah, i gave up any ideas of creativity (in any shape or form) ever being finalised … that would be like an exercise in definition/limitation and, well, finality *yuk

      it means a bit of a messy blog now and then but i know i enjoy watching others re-vision their stuff soooo …

      yessss … forget time’s line-age and let your gorgeous sparks fly as they please! let ’em mix and roll, girl! life is very much about revisiting experiences anyway, why not show the flow? update, use the echoes in new ways …

      i’m glad you “got” the sound effects going on here …
      it happens by instinct and when i look back sometimes i think, oh yeah, nice one, muse!


  2. La Lunatique says:

    “memories bounced then slid on wine” you have made perfect little layers to peel back and contemplate. I love this!!!

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