no name for this

moon’s patch on the doorstep

won’t shape your shadow

now that afternoon’s been crushed

by the slam of metal into blood



go now darling go


your gaze a total wild of love

before the screendoor

closed, memories untouched

by the chase of metal into bone



and again we break



this started out as a challenge on critical poet but i couldn’t use the ten words offered … didn’t even mean to write this really but my heroangelcat was killed on the road a few weeks ago whilst coming to greet me from the car .. guess i needed to try and write something but this is nothing like a tribute … maybe that will come when i am free of selfish tears

i love you, Rusty

2 thoughts on “no name for this

  1. La Lunatique says:

    I see your heart ripped open so vividly, almost too vividly, my heart breaks for you.

    • Shell says:

      i logged on this morning to remove this post, or make it private, La Lunatique …

      yes, perhaps it’s too ripped open for a reader to find bearable?

      i don’t know now .. maybe i’ll just leave it alone, watch time turn the page?

      Thank you for reading and bearing, dear soul …

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