open palm: gently. watch the gold
moth-flicker swell to air

dive into the wait of blue

how a tremor tickled flight
inside: a lifeline



image courtesy and copyright of Stuart Dunlop

6 thoughts on “moth

  1. harmonie22 says:

    Incredibly delicate and beautiful poem.

  2. Brad says:

    Tiny and delicate. Crafted to perfection. Hello!

  3. hema jangid says:

    Its really the worth for a moth’s life..
    Too short.. Ahhh….

    • Shell says:

      hi Hema – moths are beautiful, yes? and i must admit these yellow underwings have me fascinated; i hope/believe they all live wholeheartedly ..

      i’m glad if you enjoyed this, thank you for visiting and leaving your mark here!

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