a gentle man winks and tips an edge of smile at the hearty mango sunset. turns to wander. picking up the pace he skips to swirl a-breeze.

You shouldn’t miss me, I am always here or here about. Easy to find.
Being everywhere is just a result of fiddling with the time machinery.

rabbit preens soft-evening-velvet ears. senses poise for the heady taste of marigold.
so close. very. now.
delicious revelation caught in the hop of unexpected farewell. bite. life.

(the italics are Paul’s words)

6 thoughts on “a-breeze

  1. harmonie22 says:

    Shell, can I tell you something strange that you italicized quote reminded me of? I found out about Paul’s passing as I was packing, hours before a flight to go to a workshop called “stalking time” (don’t ask). As I was packing I saw a t-shirt flutter out at me that I bought from Paul years ago with “time is just not linear” on it, and I thought of how much fun I was going to have telling him about this workshop after. Then I found out minutes later. Strange, huh? I felt him there with me, that none of this was a coincidence.

    Its nice, seeing who his friends are and discovering that other people loved him too, like I did. Wasn’t he just a consistently wonderful spirit? I don’t even feel like blogging now that he’s gone, he took the magic with him…

    …long personal post from one stranger to another stranger 🙂

    • Shell says:

      harmonie – sychronicity’s everywhere, in each moment

      no coincidences, hey? that t-shirt was created with a purpose and i believe it was fulfilled when it fluttered … yep, Paul did that …


      was the workshop wonderful? i love its title! so i guess i’m asking *heh

      it is extraordinary how much of a core Paul was, i miss him but y’know, if we stop writing (or even trying to) we’re kind of letting the cause down? sliding on our backsides down the scree into … something we shouldn’t encourage …

      magic is ….
      let it be through you too

      *ahem … remember your chosen (screen)name

      i’m so happy to have met you, harmonie …
      please return sweet not-a-stranger at all!


  2. Ebby says:

    Thanks for reading me. A lovely tribute to Paul and a sparkly piece of writing. A pleasure to read.

  3. punatik says:

    It is wonderful to come back to this site and experience consistent, poetic genius. Thanks Shell

    • Shell says:

      Emilio! yayyyy! so good to see you here again!
      i’m no way a genius of any kind but hopskipping that you’ve enjoyed this writing … mahalo hugs

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