2 thoughts on “i miss

  1. Narnie says:

    Hello. I’m not sure you know of me but I was close to Paul and having read your comment, I wanted to assure you that I have spoken to wordpress and once his subscription runs out on the website, it will revert to an ordinary wordpress blog. Also, I have his latest manuscript which we worked on earlier this year and I am also trying to set up a prize in his name. He will live on through his words. I promise you I will make sure of that.

    • Shell says:

      Narnie – thank you so much for the assurance that Paul’s blog will be allowed to stay .. so much i haven’t read in there, so much i wish to re-read and try to understand *sigh …

      you’re fantabulous – yes, make that manuscript happen if you can … and wow, a prize in his name and memory? wonderful idea!

      *blessing you, hello,

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