unhinged 2

my babes are dying, wanna watch?
you can’t hurt us any more;

mine’d enough, slow poison weights
each sigh – gonna look yet?

take your slick hands off my thigh
while that godforsaken wallet

ticks and counts desire as meaning
less, the interest paid reluctantly;

i’m choking, fool, touch us there
while the ocean fills with bones

6 thoughts on “unhinged 2

  1. Paul Squires says:

    ‘slick’ as on oil? Very powerful, very clever.

    • Shell says:

      yes indeed, Paul .. this was where the slick poem started .. sort of .. this tone … like i was saying to Emilio, i didn’t want to just do this through archetypical m/f scenario which would have worked but wasn’t big enough … the mundane needed to be in there too .. so in a way the last piece and this are part of one that i would like to meld but don’t know if i will .. there’s still a something missing so maybe i need to wait because the oil spill represents everything this species does at the moment .. and so much more as well …

      damn, i so wish i had that cosmic “on” button then everything would be clear!

      thank you thank you dear friend … your responses mean the world to me … and don’t even dally on your toes with a “yeah whatever” about that!

  2. punatik says:

    Shell,I had to read this one several times. I read it alone. Then with unhinged 1 and the revision. I feel like this is the raw base.
    It is beautiful , the way you have captured horror using words.

    • Shell says:

      you’re absolutely right, Emilio .. this is where the other hinge started … the base raw feel …

      i get too many things running parallel in my mind and i can’t give the time to weld it all together … really both of these should be one … i can see it, taste it but i haven’t the time to make it happen … aarrgghh!

      mind is ambitious, or maybe that’s muse … sometimes i wish i could snapshot my visions … painting’s not my thing but i seem to be getting more visual these days …

      anyway, thank you, friend … yeah, you get all this stuff and i’m en-joyed …


  3. madison says:

    Goodness, you are darling. Your poems are so deep, your visuals immaculate. I adore you. Please visit mine sometime, I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Afternoon Tea

    • Shell says:

      madison! apologies for the delay in approving your kind words (i still get lost in the workings of this place) but, err … could we dispense with adorations?

      your poetry is totally fascinating and i’ll certainly be reading you!!

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