night’s precious independence
weaves shadow
slide of grace in streetlight glow;
she’s still here, a quiet ache


between tree and star, silence
is a-dream in breeze,
a tremble of herself in silver
blossom so, gently now

6 thoughts on “hush

  1. punatik says:

    Back again…

    “between tree and star, silence
    is a-dream in breeze,”

    I am sitting here.It is a little after midnight.The moonlight illuminates the yard. There is no sound other than the wind blowing the light rain through the trees. I can’t help but think of the dreams the breeze may contain.
    The 2 lines seem so perfect at the moment.Thank You

  2. “night’s precious independence
    weaves shadow”

    i see the imagery within it, though maybe imagery is not there. strange poem, yet with sense of unity. amazing, yet amazingly confusing.

    tres bien!

    • Shell says:

      i’m so glad that you enjoyed the sound of this – that’s a lot of what it was all about! thanks for commenting glitteringsoot!

  3. punatik says:

    Shell,every time you post, I read and re read them for days ( lege, lege relege).Then I find myself waiting for the next one. I have only had 4 hrs sleep, and last night made a surreal post myself. So I will re read this again before I comment further concerning it. But for now I will say , I like how ‘sense magnified” is so small,almost like a whisper. Yet, to me ,it seems to be a key of sorts. Very cool. Just what I needed to start the day,a puzzle.

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