nastiche (nasty chic)


she likes them to fight back in her way
your last breath should fit parameters,
maid of Prada’s best
accomplished minion, faking it of course

careful, sweets, don’t rub my shoulder
the wrong way, blade’s a’waiting

moon’s need of a beautiful new scar, one
that doesn’t contravene her
craving for perfection’s granite
face, tranquil in dimensions’ turn

careful, sweets, don’t touch this blade,
its response is pointed inward

12 thoughts on “nastiche (nasty chic)

  1. Giant Shadows says:

    Bad-ass. More of this please.

  2. punatik says:

    Well, what better way to spend my short break time ? I am taking a little break from reading , and decided to once again re read your post. Shell , I know it was difficult to write , but I am happy you did. I especially enjoy the way Noxalio is intent on peeling away the layers of the onion. I was reluctant to do so in the event that I was off track. I love the organic style in which we , your readers are interacting with you and this post. Fabulous!

    I played a couple of your podcasts for my neighbor Leka. He is a 23 yr. old Tall, dark and handsome , Tongan Ladies man. He was smitten by the tone of your voice and delivery. He left here Slack jawed and dreamy eyed. I have never seen him so …intrigued by a female…you have another fan in Fern Forest.The whole episode was very entertaining.
    Leka was hoping that you would “Voice” this one, because he wants to listen as you say ,”Careful Sweets…”

    • Shell says:

      LOL … seems i’m destined to spend another week or two hiding under this desk with embarrassment, Emilio!

      anyway, please don’t ever worry about being off-track if you want to peel any of my poems – how could you be? once it floats into a reader’s private space a poem changes anyway, becomes something else altogether, which imo is what art should do, recreate itself organically, as you say

      and yes, the interaction between us all here is a delight!

      sooo for you and Leka i’ll voice this, though it may not be immediate … but thank you for the fit of giggles inspired by your response!

  3. noxalio says:

    oh, the twists
    and turns
    and the dead

    ends. whisper

    and other voice
    mix. diminutive

    yet also vast
    somewhat self

    or is it? hmmm …

    “ahl be bak” to

    often 🙂

    • Shell says:

      lol noxy … your hmmmm is well on track!

      i’m saying nothing more for now except that it was difficult to write but i wanted the draft off my desktop!

      a fascinating, if unpleasant-ish character … but we all meet ’em in the round, yes?

      • noxalio says:

        i repeat, hmmm …

        (and yes, we do,

        but women seem to,
        more often,

        i think … well,
        maybe …)

        once more …

        • Shell says:

          lol, Noxy .. love your hmms … they smile a lot!

          crippling self’s authenticity/integrity with a need/greed to control others is such a waste of time and energy … but then they are validated when those others submit … everyone’s at a loss in such situations and karmically, stuff rebounds, often threefold *eek

  4. Paul Squires says:

    Very sharp. And so wonderfully made as always.

  5. punatik says:

    What you allude is right on the edge, yet distinguishable .I enjoy reading material such as this. A gray area , so to speak. I have re read this one several times. Excellent post.

    • Shell says:

      yes, it is an unusual area for me to stray in .. to write about … i found the half-draft on my desktop and decided to try and complete it … not my usual voice, eh? *grin .. i hope it entertained you, Emilio!

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