9 thoughts on “for Noxalio

  1. noxalio says:

    oh Shell,

    you are simply wonderful

    and so is the way you read
    (it makes this little nothing
    sound so much more
    than it really is).

    thank you, thank you, than you!

    (i don’t know if it’s on my end
    but i couldn’t get the volume
    up on this one, i’ll fiddle with it
    later on to see what’s going on,
    regardless, i love it … now
    do yours too, that one should sound
    so much better than this,
    i’m sure of it)

    btw, i hope you enjoyed
    the wine … hehehe …

    • Shell says:

      yayyy! i’m so relieved you enjoyed this!

      i can’t work that podbean stuff too well and was dizzy trying to work out the downloaded sound thingy (nothing to do with the wine of course) so volume might end up being my fault, in which case i’ll redo at some point … maybe when this headache fades lol

      or possibly you’ll be able to tease it higher if you download it and do technical stuff?

      i went on to do mine after yours, full bravado style, so it’s there with the poem below …

      your little nothing really is quite Something and i loved voicing you!
      So thank you, Noxy, it was my pleasure


  2. punatik says:

    Stone and fire ,wind and water
    Now all elements contained
    Yet the most illusive
    In the blood, it still remains

    • Shell says:

      *heh .. this is sooo good, Emilio … i hope i’m going to see this on your site by the time i get back from work!

      i’d remove the “it” in L4 but let it all flow right through first, dear friend …

  3. punatik says:

    It’s one of those nights…New moon. I can not stop writing .The flood of memories have turned the dam to rubble.

    • Shell says:

      you know that you are writing a delicious poem through your comments, don’t you?

      and from the rubble, newform rises, stone and fire, spirit’s carving …

  4. punatik says:

    It is late. Only the screen illuminates the room. Outside the wind is blowing through the trees as the rain is falling . I listened to all of the pod casts. I was unaware that they would finish buffering so quickly, as I’m on dial up. I am glad they did. Your voice completes the atmosphere I crave on nights such as these.

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