sliding to evade the stains
i’m all out of here-see-
me, sneaking down the stairs

please find borderline
excuses, mirrored
wax a scarlet hiss;

the aviary inside my ribs
will not shut up
until daylight pierces

palms and eyelids,
songbird screaming
open now

my not-posted response to a one-word title challenge on Wild Poetry

5 thoughts on “nailed

  1. punatik says:

    I agree with noxalio. As one who has seen aviaries first hand , I can attest to the madness which ensues in them at the slightest disturbance. Like yours, mine, only shuts up at dawn …if I’m lucky.

    ” palms and eyelids,
    songbird screaming
    open now ”

    And…… that last verse, you have gone way beyond the realm of abstract into, new and strange waters that contain a drop off of at least 600 Fathoms . This spot I’ll call, “The Shell Sea Mountain.” Who knows what strange and mystical creatures lurk at those depths ? I will wait and see if another one shows itself.

    EXTREMELY… well written.

    • Shell says:

      i must remember to use this reply button, it’s very neat!

      Emilio – your response stunned me … you so understood this!

      isn’t it fantastic how we reveal ourselves when we think we’re doing such a great job of concealment? *grin

      i’m honoured that you’ve named the spot; yes, i’ll be waiting too … lol

      thank you! *walking on air right now …

  2. Shell says:

    noxy! thank you! i wasn’t sure if this was my usual oblique stuff, too abstract to get to grips with but it looks like it has delivered meaning at a few levels to you – which is what i hoped for of course …

    maybe in another life i’ll actually know what i’m doing? lol

    wordwand thanks! i’m glad you enjoyed this …

  3. noxalio says:

    there are many ways
    to read this little gem.

    i especially liked
    the icon
    of a songbird

    from inside the
    ribs (as aviary,
    another icon).


  4. wordwand says:

    thanks for the poem, well done.

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