de:cypher draft

*ahem .. there was a very poor draft here … i meant to remove it last night but got caught up phone-wise! it wasn’t ready for showing so your comments were spot-on, Emilio, thank you! *hugs

3 thoughts on “de:cypher draft

  1. punatik says:

    “eye” is the concept ?

    You hold the deed to 2 lives ?

    sinew me, no silence
    in the groan of break or tear

    Can’t figure this one

    never ever endstop life

    Philosopher’s stone reference ?

    Perhaps I’ve had too much coffee.
    Or, I’m simply heading in the wrong direction

    • Shell says:

      i couldn’t leave it up there, Emilio .. wish i’d got to it before you found it, dear friend lol! you’re absolutely right .. abstract’s fine when it actually has some sense at its core but this was wayyy too confused so it’s gone back into the ever expanding draft folder for now *grin

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