Smooth as secrets daring to slip out
and knife our shadow lives
cold swam in veins, cruised parlour talk
with the end of everything.

“Are we going to die?”

Mother drank her dreams, turned away.
I thought of birds and horses
burning in the darkness of a scream.

11 thoughts on “1962

  1. Giant Shadows says:

    wow. amazing poem.

    • Shell says:

      after all this time i finally realise there’s a direct reply button?? *doh

      i read the piece you linked to .. it’s an almost terrifying wave of gutted-ness that swallowed me … wonderful writing … could be tweaked a bit but if you do, don’t lose it’s raw flow …

  2. Paul Squires says:

    Missed you as always when you are gone, Shell. That has all the delicate balance and subtle hidden music I have come to think of as Shell-like. Beauty in the minor chord.

    • Shell says:

      your welcomeback is always so warm, your support and enjoyment totally uplifting … muse may be tearing out her cosmic hair – must be close to the last one by now – but when she:i connect and you smile then all’s wonderfullll! thank you!

  3. Shell says:

    Purity is priceless, Emilio .. whoever needs it finds it .. that is Honour

    anyway, poets earn dosh when they’re dead so no alas about it, friend LOL

  4. punatik says:

    Wow, that brings back memories. I’ve had some nasty times in alleys. Wrong on every level…
    Great stuff. Yup, the next morning always hurts …soooooo bad.

    I know what you mean about selling your stuff. I don’t surf for points, but years ago , I could have, and maybe made some money. But alas, the Purist prevailed.

  5. Shell says:

    omg, Emilio … i’m lost for words …

    thank you for loving this … thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    i was a burned out teacher, now i’m a happy office cleaner lol … i don’t know if i’m interested in trying to get money for these musings, how about you (and i) enjoy them in spirit with the Freedom and Light that bring the good stuff? *grin

    just thinking about it, i wrote a Kerouac style thing which i think you might like – it’s on my old blog … shall i find a link?

    ah, here it is:


  6. punatik says:

    Of course I had to come back…I always do when it’s “The Pure.” I was thinking of how much I would like to see a painting of 1962.

    But you have already painted it. In my mind, and in the mind of those who read it. And, every painting will be different. What an accomplishment.

  7. punatik says:

    This…is BRILLIANT !!! “secrets knife our shadow lives”…”birds and horses burning in the darkness of a scream.”

    I don’t know how you make your living, but I firmly believe you could sell your writing…I’d buy it. It beats Bukowski to shit.

    I love this one…again

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