distance closing

let’s meet in the lace drift
of a clouded moon,
scatter pentagrams like feathers,
watch them flutter land;

240,000 miles trounce a mere
jaunt of 10,000
thoughts floating your way,
can we time them
and still count star circles?

2 thoughts on “distance closing

  1. Shell says:

    i’ve just looked her up on youtube

    love a song called “braille” …

    she is very intriguing .. with a sense of humour too!

    i like her, thanks!

    love it that you hear music in my stuff … someone once said i was writing songs (tho adaptation was needed) .. he killed himself shortly after saying that so i never got to hear what he said he’d done with some of my words *sigh

    i’ve done some aloud readings if that helps voicewise (podcast category)

  2. Anh says:

    Do you know of a singer called Regina Spektor? Somehow this piece has a rhyme of her music. And I can totally hear her singing these lines…

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