thinking of you

mist swam between dark trees
a silver shawl unraveling

to float, turn seamless moments
into thought, unwind like steam

in wheel arches, round in silent
ground we go; are you here

to see hawk wings
heave across this windscreen

a rainbow perched impossibly
above us?

5 thoughts on “thinking of you

  1. Shell says:

    thanks author … inside is all i have to spill really … i’m happy if it kept you fascinated for awhile and didn’t make a mess on your shoes … *grin

  2. author says:

    I find your diction, particularly the use of imageries to externalise inner emotions very fascinating! I enjoyed this one!

  3. Shell says:

    you so make me smile Paul and punatik … i’m happier than i could say that you both enjoyed this …

    had been thinking of giving up trying to write … don’t think i can … i just don’t seem to “get” how to do it right and it’s driving me up the wall

  4. punatik says:

    What a gorgeous portrait of words !

  5. Paul Squires says:

    So beautiful Shell. What a lovely image and wonderfully made.

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