in full glide, she saw my gaze, accepted it;
her perfect stillness and surrender to
the drift of slipstream’s tongue mirrored
rapture just before the climax

your breath such sweet caress, love

sunlight curled around my arm, smoothflow
wing touch brought me into perfect
stillness and a raven’s eye; i saw her gaze,
accepted it, shared rapture just before …

5 thoughts on “bliss

  1. Shell says:

    author – you’ve read several of mine now and i am grateful … reassured that you didn’t leave … yes, i’ll visit your words …

  2. author says:

    Short, rich and deep…great poetry! I am a Nigerian writer. I would love to have you take a look at some of my poems. Thanks Shell!

  3. Shell says:

    i think the last line’s a cop out but i was being gentle with myself as i doubt i can write .. so went back to my natural rhythm … i’m so glad you enjoyed but don’t be afraid to say what could be better .. and thank you!

  4. punatik says:

    You have captured a moment so perfectly. Just wonderful.

    i’m happy you enjoyed this … i’m so self critical at the moment i can barely write a thing .. aarrgghh! so thank you, punatik!

  5. Paul Squires says:

    beautifully perfect

    you always make me feel so goood about my writing .. i’m totally tremulous about my ability these days but if you want to bite it’s ok … *smiles … thank you dear friend …

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