water’s girl

do you smoke?
silent nod frees alley tears

black shivers
blur the edge of every freckle

titian beauty’s
dropped her streetwise guard

for timeless injury

don’t lose yourself any more
than he has

5 thoughts on “water’s girl

  1. Paul says:

    Where have you gone to this time, Shell. I miss you and your beautiful poetry.

    • Shell says:

      ohh bless you Paul .. i’m still around … and still not really writing … i’ve been a bit ill but i’m on the mend again and am rebuilding/relocating a friend’s web site the hard way *grin … there’s a bit of a deadline on this project so i’m giving as much time to it as i can … *hugehugs*

  2. janetleigh says:

    Oooooo, I like this, Shell, especially for its last 2 lines. I keep going back to re-read it. And /for timeless injury/ strikes deep. Thanks for sharing this, Shell. Just stopping in to say “hi” since I’ve been “gone” for a while.. as you may already know.. but I’m trying to get back into things with a little more light and optimism. Stay well!

  3. 1poet4man says:

    …sometime what a poet needs is to breath into their own idea of failure and articulate its curvature of rapturous delight…to revel in what is reviled…to celebrate that they still live, and in fact can describe as you do so well the experience of the journey…don’t stop now you are about to become even more interesting…


  4. Paul says:

    Shell! What a joy to hear from you again. And with another beautifully made, gentle and precise poem. The depth of thought and darkness of the image cannot mask the sheer beauty of the expression.


    Paul!! i was just driving back from the second job of the day and thinking what a load of crock this was, especially the last two lines … right rhythm, wrong words … then i found your gloriously uplifting feedback! thank you from the leathery sole of my curly soul … *grin


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