currently …

i’m sorry, i’ve had cold after cold and now another one .. eerrgghh! am exhausted, please forgive … anyhow try this … it may be rubbish, but i’ve always admired something about Leda and you have to admit, swans are gorgeous lol ….

Leda’s popping dreams and bubbles of restraint;
she’s close, by water’s choice, to the wild charisma,
how he makes her kick-and-scream alive,
feathers in her throaty groan
and god, the perfect catch, between pale thighs.

That old man would claim her later, unaware
of how the river’s thrash and foam
taunted willow, cloning sorrow’s
spineless grace – a net to snare more misery
then gloat about misfortune’s violation

of her nature, clutching, biting moss for more
of that, so deep inside the catacombs of sleep.

5 thoughts on “currently …

  1. janetleigh says:

    Hiya, Shell! Been a while, I know. Long story. I really like the surreal quality of this; the images are striking. Swans are gorgeous creatures to admire – from afar. Ever had one galloping up behind you on river’s edge? heh heh, not!

  2. rob kistner says:

    Greetings – I invite you to stop by Image & Verse for a visit, and to say hello.

  3. Noah says:

    I think it’s good work!


    thanks so much Noah! i really appreciate you saying that! this poem really is a work in progress … now that my unconscious allegiance has become conscious it all gets kind of tangled and complexified .. editing .. it’s a nightmare! lol


  4. Chico Mahalo says:

    has a surreal, ghostly, alchemistic feel to me… a sundry of emotions transforming into, perhaps, some reckless actions which she may later regret…

    the imagery is quite intriguing, as well…


    i like what you say about this, Chico .. maybe it gets muddled in S2 … i’ve tried way too hard to revision this, have written another draft/version/whatever …

    reckless. perhaps she is. regret, i hope she doesn’t go there … i may be more like Leda than i thought when i first went for this … lol

    thank you, Chico!


  5. Paul says:

    Swans are gorgeous and so is your poem which gently explores a most intriguing relationship conducted in that space between waking life and dreams, myth and reality.


    what a wonderful response, Paul … wasn’t sure how this would work since i decided to do away with myth’s preference that, as was largely customary in the times, union = rape;

    i wanted to play with a huge what-if .. that she was ambitious, desired Zeus and his power, needed brief escape from a stultifying royal lifestyle … maybe he was her bit of divine rough and she sought him out … that kind of thing … a powerful, passionate woman who sought her spiritual match and loved danger too!


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