3 thoughts on “nothings (weird)

  1. Bethany Lee says:

    Hello, Shell…how is this world treating you? Well, i hope…

    • Shell says:

      hi bethany! long time no hear, eh? i’m doing fine … working too much, no doubt and NOT enjoying this muse-lull … *humph* … how about you?

  2. Noah says:

    Your work is amazing. I haven’t read in a while since my life sort of fell apart, but I’ll be here more often.

    And when you say it your voice is absolutely spellbinding.


    what happened, Noah?

    are you alright?

    must admit to having been on the absent side myself … *sigh … just exhaustion in my case though …

    this poem isn’t quite right but there’s another direction trying to work its way through my silly mind, this is as close as i could get for now … or then, as was … *grin

    and i’m thrilled if you enjoyed it and some of my readings too .. thank you!

    look after yourself, Noah …


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