cliff hangin’

The clown of thorns and I made lofty peace;
sunblind quarrels tripped at first rock base,
fell flat in the sand below a dozen barefoot years.
We shared flowers, then, impossible and bright,
gleaned endurance from the rocks,
wondered at the spines of life and our tenacity.

Clearing space for the gulls to scream
was knife-edge easy, way up there.

The horizon’s salty line stayed silent though
we tried to make room for that too.
Perhaps I was distracted, pushed it away
for sweeping curve of wing and wave.
Perhaps I loved so gently in the trysty gorse
that time was saved for ours and now.

3 thoughts on “cliff hangin’

  1. the contrast of opposites echoed, an insightful array of images, indeed impressive…


    thanks again! i am so glad you enjoyed this …. *smiles*


  2. Paul Squires says:

    Beautiful Shell-like poem in which we can hear the emotion of the sea with perfect clarity.


    i’m soooo relieved you like this, Paul! *grin .. thank you, wonderful you …


  3. Ario says:

    A belated Merry Christmas first of all 🙂

    I just loved this one. The italicised Clearing….. up there is particularly stark. I also was much taken by the repetition of perhaps, which sounded so wistful.

    Sound and meaning combine beautifully again here. I love the sense of ambiguity throughout, the sense of knife-edge. To me, the clown of thorns remains a threat throughout which together with the wistfulness is a haunting sensation while reading.

    Good to see you back 🙂


    i’ve been a bit word-dry of late *humph* and this poem made me work for it LOL …

    there is a wistfulness and even threat (the past) alongside joy (now) … so i’m thrilled you sensed the different waves of stuff here .. thank you, dear Ario!


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