cabin talk

Let’s push time outside the rain,
it can play instead with that
howling cat who won’t
be silenced, give us chance
to dare this chaos, climbing walls.

It’s been dark all day and though
breathing’s harsh in fever,
passion’s got the upper hand
set on magic while the other traces
hip and brow with steamy earth.

Clock’s ticking, buried in the golden
leaves, let’s not hear it bleating
order, not just yet or ever,
there’s a ceiling to traverse leading
to the sky in wayward gasp.

4 thoughts on “cabin talk

  1. Damsel says:

    i like how love is being romanticized. 🙂

  2. Chico Mahalo says:

    yah let me echo what Paul said… personally, i would change that tag line to read: mysterious, shadowy, romantic…

    i hear Vincent Price’s voice reciting this, for some reason…

    ohhh thank you Chico … i’ve changed the tag line in gratitude for your gentle kick up the bum … *grin … i may yet revision S3 as beloved J made a good point about why re-introduce Time when it was already pushed out in S1 …. but then my momentary writes often are circular …. *bleh .. Vincent Price reading this, now that’s quite a thought! LOL

  3. Paul says:

    Definitely not ‘soppy rubbish’ You are far too self-critical, Shell. It is a lovely evocation of desire as an idea. And as always sounds beautiful, ornate and delicate but still with power and passion.


    ohhh Paul, you always offer such supportive and so-kind comments .. thank you!

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