Feral dreams blur moon at last;
zero, clinging to her dark
will say nothing now about these
hours, grinding slowly and
ungiven in the slide of gravity.

Night rattles dry-leaf bones and
foxes pick at unread love
songs tumbled in among cold
cuts, half-smoked cigarettes
and over cooked spaghetti.

“oh really and what now
………………… she-writhes

3 thoughts on “unsure

  1. Chico Mahalo says:

    “cold cuts, half-smoked cigarettes
    and over cooked spaghetti.” (sounds like the buffet i ate at last weekend)…

    this is like sharing a cup of tea with the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe on All Hallows’ Eve…a bit haunting, but there’s really no other place you’d rather be at that moment…


    omg that is a most fantastic comment, Chico! *searches for antacids – re that buffet … oh. the poem ate them already … oops! *sigh … more tea, vicar? lol


  2. punatik says:

    I loved the last stanza…It is so haunting, like the ghost of the relationship is lurking about , outside, unable to defend itself from the ravages of nature’ little creatures.
    “Foxes pick at unread love songs…”
    I do so enjoy you style and sentiment. Last night the neighbors dogs went through my trash, and as I picked up the shreds this morning I found a few items and thought about this poem.


    you are so on the ball, eh? you sensed the what ifs we have to ditch, the same ones that we don’t …. not really … yet nature/fate must have her way and we can only acquiesce … thank you, punatik! as it turns out the dark whatever that wrecked me was largely down to insecurity on my part … thank goddess …


  3. Paul says:

    That is great. Such control over tone, it’s subtle and moves so well from the epicmystic into the everyday that the poem has a very powerful and clear effect. And having listened to all your podcasts I can hear it and it sounds fantastic. (if a little scary and unsettling)


    how do you do it? catch every nuance like that? i gave myself a shitty, scared w/end and tried to exorcise it this way … you’re hearing it just right my friend …. thank you ….


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