4 thoughts on “unlined

  1. punatik says:

    I agree with Paul. What you are doing with structure is very interesting. I so look forward to more of this style.


    oh bless ya, Punatik! Muse knows what she wants to say and how … any flaws in translation are mine! *grin


  2. Paul says:

    Another experiment in structure, Shell. The words are doing less and less and the form is doing more. They are like elegances of thought, the shape of thoughts before words are tipped in for content so they have a kind of theoretical beauty and the words just give an emotional wash or tone to them, like word paintings. Fascinating studies in conceptual beauty, almost as if you have gone ‘poetry’ into a new realm.


    omg, Paul .. how you analyse the instinct/spirit/structure of this is fantastic … i want to say “more more more” but i know that might sound weird …. i really don’t know consciously much of what i’m doing, appreciate it soooo much when i’m shown, in descriptions such as yours .. don’t ever hold back from a “could you do this instead?” thing …. because i am so totally steering by muse-pants … lol


  3. maelinat says:

    Your poem makes me smile. It is light and hopeful. Originally put.
    I used the word unlined in my last poem. Second serendipity in poetry today. This pot is fantastic.
    Thank you.


    that is a very sweet interpretation, maelinat … i’m glad it got you smiling! Thank you


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