tonight i will             get very red
 spill your name                   like wine
on scented oil           moon-soaked
fingertips outline                  where
this time soon           another
 we’ll be dreaming              life
                                    is shining

6 thoughts on “frontera

  1. VS says:

    we say it’s beautiful 😉

  2. Fascinating form…particularly as I read it vertically first–first one “column,” then the next, then realized it was probably meant to be read horizontally, though it actually works very nicely both ways…sometimes it’s dreaming that’s calling, and somtimes it’s life….


    actually, YogaforCynics, you – the glorious reader – have free rein to read poetry in any way you choose …. in draft i worked this initially as vertical columns and you sensed that …. i think it works, though am not sure if the uniting lines fudge the form … anyway, thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment!


  3. Chico Mahalo says:

    …i would gladly drink from this vintage any day of the week…


    now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to bed for me…


    i’m thrilled you liked this enough to go back to sleep, Chico!! *grin

    btw, i’ve taken the poetry forum offline for awhile … my heartfelt apologies …


  4. Ani Smith says:

    I like this, so playful. I read it left to right and then column by column (“get very red like wine”) and it works both ways. Fun with discovery. 🙂


    yayyyy, Ani – am ecstatic you enjoyed this and had fun with it! i certainly did … *hic


  5. punatik says:

    I agree, this one is exquisite. I really enjoy your style.


    thank you, Punatik!


  6. Paul says:

    ‘moon-soaked’ what a beautiful soft and delicate touching poem, words which trace like fingetips, gorgeous,


    you saw the romance of this, Paul, and so i’m happy …. thank you for such a beautiful response!


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