the always

the always ^^ podcast by Shell

recorded for Cendrine, if she returns … i think she’ll like this …

i send you
than angels
to embrace
you, love, as you
cry and reach for me
in dreams

i give you
the always
that i promise
time and time again

in my palm a small ocean
is now home to tiny
silver dolphins
that dance your
of love upon
my cheek

and i am
the songs they sing
of you

2 thoughts on “the always

  1. I guess you are not talking about me. Still it is a very nice poem! 😉


    *heh … ’tis a cosmic lullabye …. so it’s for everyone who needs it, though we each have our own, designed for our individual experiences, beliefs and moments … am glad you enjoyed it, Cendrine!


  2. Paul says:

    I think she will too. It is a beautiful kiss.


    thank you, Paul … some of it’s a bit cliche perhaps, but it’s one of those that came through me in a time of need .. any faults are my own translational mess-ups … i was very foggy at the time *grin


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