8 thoughts on “just a thought

  1. I have never seen that type of poetry before. I think the broken grammar works really well. It is like capturing a picture frozen in time. I like it!


    welcome Cendrine … i break grammar perhaps, almost certainly, though it flows … i hope … *gulp … i’m glad you like!! though i have a feeling you’d like some of my more overtly soulrites more *grin .. thank you, dear soul and i hope you return …


  2. Ashley says:

    “Time for moon to blossom dream” – I absolutely love this!


    that line is the heart of this, so thank you, Ashley .. ever so!


  3. Shell says:

    nooo i haven’t gone missing but thank you, Paul, for missing me anyway! it’s just been a hectic w/end in between two hectic workweeks … *sigh

    by way of torture i’ve recorded an older poem .. i like the concept even now but not sure i ever got it quite right, despite numerous edits ..

  4. Paul says:

    Hello. You have gone missing and I miss you. I miss your poetry which is simply fantastic, your podcasts which were favourites and you because you are simply wonderfully fantastical, Shell.

  5. Chico Mahalo says:

    this piece marries consciousness and imagination… and what a heck of a honeymoon…

    fun to say aloud, too…


    *heh … deliciously put, Chico and thanks! it was a joy to write – you know, not tormented by anything, no looming disasters or broken stuff … just, as you say, in de-light .. did you get chance to listen to my reading it?


  6. arioborzine says:


    There you go. That should cover a drink of your choice in an establishment of your chosing. Thanks!


    LOLOL .. why thank you dear Ario … *hic


  7. arioborzine says:

    Mind if I steal this, change the ‘his’ to ‘her’ and read it to my girlfriend…?

    I’ll pay royalties or something.


    what an honour, Ario! now make that change and read this to your love!


  8. Paul says:

    That is very svelte and beautiful. Your podcast is one of my featured sites for the week. and delicate and velvety and lots of other ‘v’ words too, a very lovely poem.


    ohhh thank you, Paul, for the feature-link and for your most delicious comment! i couldn’t resist offering that last one, it seemed to complete that little collection. *hugs


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