i don’t know if i’ve done this properly but it’s as right as i can fathom for now! down below is a link that seems to work; i’ve put all 3 recordings on there … i’ll use podcast for readings from now on if that’s ok .. still need to use right click for a separate window (or back) if you wish to comment … *baffled by all this techno stuff …

2 thoughts on “podcastings!

  1. arioborzine says:

    Hmmmmm… you spoil us!


    actually, Ario, you gave me confidence (or bravado at least) to see if what i heard in mind as i wrote was coming through (or vice versa) … so there! is this where i say “it’s your fault” … ? … LOL


  2. Paul says:

    It’s all working, yayayay.

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