billet doux

billet doux read by Shell

You never read these kisses but keep them anyway;
unwrapped every now and then – to amuse
the passers-by and their dogs who chase my words
balled up in string – they unwind even in the dim
before disintegration vents wild succulence apart.

You cannot, will not, see my kisses smile away
their weight and wasted time – but hush,
the dogs are happy, that’s enough for now,
their tongues and tails are wagging for the moon.

4 thoughts on “billet doux

  1. Paul says:

    Beautiful delicate poem, Shell and beautifully read. You’ve swapped to podbean I see. That’s cool. I shall try to link up with you there too. It is a gorgeous and careful poem.


    i unashamedly copied you, Paul, switching to podbean … the visuals are better than what was before though i still have little clue as to how to use it properly! Thank you so much for your comments on there too!!

    The poem is more careful … tactful … than its initial emotions, that’s for sure … *wicked grin* … i’m thrilled you liked!


  2. arioborzine says:

    Damn. Forgot to ask. Will you record this one too? Please? Pretty please?

    *Hastens off now lest he be accused of clogging up the comment boxes*


    LOL … see? i did it straight away! (sound)

    of course this is a lovers’ tiff of sorts …

    my love (J) has just been banned from a poetry site; unable to access his a/c i wrote to them, asking that they remove his poems .. they refused … then banned me too … admittedly i did vent at their dishonourable conduct *grin … “tis actually a good site (has some wonderful souls frequenting) BUT it has this very dark side too …

    i tried to write this so it described the intimacy of rejection, the dishonour of holding on to what cannot be owned and how it’s captivity is often a vehicle for scorn …

    and Ario, you are RIGHT to see the wry humour in this too, it’s there!!

    Thank you! Sunday seems to be my in-the-mood for recording day, eh?

    i’m working on a podcast thingy, have downloaded a wav to mp3 converter .. may shift my voiced stuff to there … not sure i have it configured right at the moment … will you test it if i figure out how to get it on here? please, please?

    and .. you are NOT clogging up the comment boxes … *lol


  3. arioborzine says:

    I feel like I am eavesdropping on a lover’s quarrel. Being the nosey bugger that I am I find that really entertaining… There is a story here, which set to music, comes into view and dissappears again. The reader is left with the words and the melody. It left me feeling rather sad and oddly amused.

    Great stuff, in short. As ever!

  4. punatik says:

    This is a very powerful piece. That’s all I can say.

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