sound offer

omg – i just recorded two poems for you to listen to, if you’d like to hear my wonky voice *grin .. no rehearsals, just as is … i’m using sound upload for now as i’m still in shock that i did this.

it’s a bit of a clonky process and you’ll need to click back to here after listening or do that “open in new tab” thing …

if you have comments would you put them here?

i don’t intend to use sound upload as a place to talk though there is a comment box there … it’s just a temporary place!

sooo, i’ve tried light entertainment & unnameable

5 thoughts on “sound offer

  1. Paul says:

    Yayyayayayay standing ovations alround, perfect poems for reading, perfectly read. You are fantastically wonderful, Bravo! Encore! Woohoo…

  2. Ario says:

    Heh. Your voice is great for sure (hey, if you want you can read my poems rather than my gutteral Dutch accent).

    But it’s also just very insightful to hear you, as the poet, read the lines as they are meant by you. It makes such a difference. I’ve always thought that your poems are very musical – never realised they rocked like that, though! šŸ™‚

    Re the volume: it was nice and clear on my PC (in media player). Perhaps it’s a Mac thingy?


    i think it is a Mac thing *errghh …

    and ahhh … not many get how my writing sounds in my head … i believe you did, just then … thank you … that means Everything …

    you know Ario, there can be NOTHING wrong with your accent? accents and dialects are gorgeous … i’m sad now that someone somewhere may have convinced you otherwise.
    if you’d like, Ario, why don’t you choose one of your poems .. we could each read record same one … neither one as right/wrong .. just different? truly, if you would like, i’m happy to try it ….


  3. Paul says:

    Woohohoohoh. yayaya. I am at work so can’t listen but I know they will Shell-ly wonderfully fantastical. (If you put mp3 into the FAQ at it will tell you a sneaky way of putting soundfiles in this blog so you don’t have to do all this linkaging) I am so excited, yayayaya. I’ll be back.


    i’m sooo looking forward to what you think, Paul!

    unfortunately i have to upgrade and pay if i want to add sound files directly to this blog *sigh* … hence i didn’t bother converting *wav to mp3 … unless you meant there’s an even sneakier way?? lol

    my beloved, J, has a Mac and he said he could barely hear, but i know the volume is ok because i checked … soooo can i ask you for more advice if you also find them hard to hear?


  4. Ario says:

    I think you can take my initial inarticulate reaction as a yes to your question šŸ™‚

    Rather heartstopping. (He says trying to regain his composure…).


    thank you .. really … this voice that speaks back of me is kind of … strange .. like, is that ‘me”?
    kind of makes me wonder who i am .. you know? your reassurance that the voice is ok is more wonderful than i could ever say in words … i don’t mean that to sound creepy .. this is just so weird to me! *grin


  5. Ario says:

    OH WOW.


    oh my! lol … er … was it ok, dear Ario?


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