8 thoughts on “light entertainment

  1. artpredator says:

    quark love! yummy reading too!


    art predator!! thank you so much for vsiting, for read-hearing .. and for enjoying too!!


  2. Shell says:

    just differenter, dear Paul … would still be cool to hear your take on either/both of these, if you ever felt like doing so … could even have a section on your site where we read each others’ .. *grin … could get kinda crazy, eh?

    thank you for such marvellicious comments and your delectable support … i wouldn’t have dared otherwise!

  3. Paul says:

    Your reading is wonderful. Much betterer than I could have done. Bravo, Standing ovation! yayaay

  4. jo says:

    Oh nope, not there any more. I live outside London……I left the north at 16, went back up to uni, at Manchester and then York, and have been away ever since, apart from visiting rellies. A Yorkshire lass, huh? We’re roses!

  5. johemmant says:

    Hey! You’re English and sounds like you’re from somewhere up there too (I’m from Manchester). I love the reading and the poem both, the final stanza is outrageously good.


    indeed, i’m a yorkshire lass (this incarnation anyway) … not that i ever felt any physical location as my own … hence i’m currently in Stoke on Trent lol … never realised you were in Manchester .. weird, hey?

    i’m delighted you enjoyed the reading, Jo … “outrageously good” has made me beam!!! clearly you “got” the rather naughty entendre going on there …. thank you!!


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  7. punatik says:

    “I am not a voided splash
    marked made-in-Switzerland”

    I enjoyed the entire poem. But that line, I really liked. It emphasized you are unique, a one of. And that, you are.



    ohhh Emilio .. what can i say? THANK YOU, it really does make me happy that you’re enjoying what you read here …

    and, just to forewarn every lovely one of you, i’m in template-change mood!
    if i get the courage to click that button please forgive any ensuing implosions *grin

  8. Paul says:

    Light entertainment but complex thought. Ahha light as in beams of light colliding? It sounds absolutely beautiful Shell. You should try recording some of your poems, this is one is like bells. I shall have to read it a few more times to unlock the complexity of the idea but each time I do my lips move and the sound of it just tales over like celestial music.


    yes, yes, yes .. my girlee version of the science is more ovular than accurate – lol – but you got what i was trying for, heard its intricacies too ..

    as for reading aloud … i will in time get a mic, or find my old one that’s buried somewhere, but in the meantime … would you like to have a go at sounding it? i just know you’d make this superb!

    *hopeful look*

    thank you, Paul, a zillion times thank you … your responses are wonderful!!!


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