7 thoughts on “nothings #10

  1. emilio says:

    I saw your comment on my poem at PWB. I came to visit and to read your work. I enjoyed the 3 poems that I read very much. I will continue to visit, and enjoy more of your work.


  2. johemmant says:

    This is wonderful…..a perfect capture of splitsecond thoughts compressed…..and so poetic.

  3. Cynthia says:

    oOoo…like breath slipping into my
    pores – love this gentleness.


    ohhhh what a gorgeous comment, Cynthia! Thank you!!


  4. giantshadows says:

    that’s really nice. could this be considered a collaboration? two visions blurred into one.


    i’m glad you enjoyed this, shadows – and yes! it is, in truth, a collaboration … your piece is utterly gorgeous, way better than this, which is my simple attempt to honour the emotion of your beautiful creativity … so thank you, thank you, thank you …


  5. Paul says:

    Not quite nothing, just enough to frame the moment, words like breath around the instant of loss of self. Be here now. You are wonderful, Shell.


    “framing the moment” .. yes … i often don’t really know consciously what i’m doing poetically, muse doesn’t clarify the psychic structure she’s deploying, if you know what i mean … giant shadows has a very special vibe and muse flowed with/in it … and now i’m wittering because i don’t know what to say to your wonderful comment, Paul … thank you …


  6. la lunatique says:

    I imagine ‘here’ to be clutching my heart and ‘now’ to be releasing

    quiet & beautiful


    you’ve got it exactly right, Lunatique … the movement of breath and being … thank you!


  7. Chico Mahalo says:

    mm, nice…i am fully present and falling into a bottomless Buddhist moment as i read this…

    the placement and rhythm of the 2 “there”s and the itallicizing of the “here” and “now” completes this mindful meditation…


    thank you for such a lovely comment, Chico! you zoomed in on the heart of this tiny piece, yes indeed … i’m thrilled by that!


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